The Juice Network

The Juice Network is a product of The Life Juice team’s desire to reach out to our community, educate, and share a wealth of knowledge. Every day, during normal operations at Life Juice, our team has the opportunity to live green, eat healthy, and learn about ways to live better. We want to share what we know!

Do you have specific questions? Want to see The Life Juice Team make one of your favorite healthy recipes, or share one of your go to green living tips? Reach out to our Team and let’s make it happen – share the wealth!

The Life Juice Story

Life Juice’s creator and founder Ety Deutsch transitioned her life from living in New York City as a restaurateur to raising two sons on a 25-acre solar powered green property. A culinary and fitness enthusiast with 20 years’ food and beverage experience, Ety was determined to improve the health of the people in her life by increasing their daily intake of fruits and vegetables.  She began juicing with produce from her organic garden and local farm markets.

Ety created, tested, and recreated a variety of fresh-pressed juice recipes. She knew they tasted good when her children, and the children of friends, starting asking for them. As a Pilates and BeyondBarre instructor, she then started sharing her unique creations with her clients.  They too soon were craving “The Juice.”

The rave reception of her 100% raw, cold-pressed juices, combined with the local desire for ready-made juices, inspired Ety to think bigger.  She wanted raw juice to be available to a broader market and wanted to share the benefits of juicing vegetables and fruit – Life Juice was born!  Knowing all the incredible benefits of juice cleansing, Ety then formulated her amazing tasting juices into the popular Life Juice Cleanse, which we are proud to say was rated the #1 tasting juice cleanse by the Huffington Post.